3 simple actions to improve the conversion of your website!

Often the obsession in web marketing is to have more visitors on your site… Yet improving the conversion of your website is often 10 times more profitable .

This is why Samir from wpcreationweb.com is going to offer you 3 simple actions. To put in place tomorrow to improve the conversion of your website!

Improving the conversion of your website, the essential!

Today, attracting new customers is becoming more and more complex and expensive . Especially in the post-COVID-19 context where many investments are frozen.

Therefore, it becomes more than essential. To have a website that converts a maximum of visitors. Into customers if you want to maximize the sale of your services or your products.

Many make the mistake of creating their company’s.Their products as they would with a paper brochure . Without any knowledge of the essential parameters that will make their website. A credible, professional and optimized site. for sale.

With a website, there is no one to make the sales pitch

A site must do all of this on its own:

  • Present the benefits for the end customer
  • Stand out and explain your pluses in the face of increasing competition
  • Answer all questions and objectives
  • Reassurance on the purchase

It is essential to think that the website must operate independently.

Thus, the conversion rate of a website is based on many factors to put in place in order to bring. What the visitor to your site really wants, and encourage him to take action.

Generally, for the conversion rate of a website or a landing page. To be good, it is necessary to have:

  • Clear and relevant information (neither too much nor too little…)
  • Limit barriers to purchase and distractions
  • A notion of urgency to take action

The 3 key factors of a good conversion on a website

Today, we are going to cover three essential factors. To put in place so that your website can convince your prospects to take action:

  • Is your website optimized to convert your prospects into customers?
  • Does your website clearly present your offer?
  • Does your website naturally attract the right people?

But if these 3 questions may seem obvious. At first sight, the fact is that it is only rarely the case…

There are nearly 2 billion websites worldwide. With the number of websites increasing in recent years.


 visitors to a website leave it immediately.

  • Without committing to it (source: book “60 golden rules for a successful website”)
  • 41 seconds is the average time spent by Internet users on a page.
  • The average conversion rate of website visitors into customers or newsletter.Subscribers is only 1% (i.e. 99% of visitors leave the website, most often never to return…) .

All these figures show us that it is essential to convince the new visito. Of the relevance of the offer presented on your site.

So how to do this? Simply by asking yourself the right questions such as:

  • What is your website for?
  • Why would a visitor come to visit your site?
  • What can we do there?

You must put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and ask yourself the fundamental questions. ( The method of personas that we will see later).


The presentation of the offer, the key to the conversion of a website

The conversion of a website depends on the consistency between the presentation. Of an offer that meets the expectations of prospects, and the valuation of this one.

Remember that you only have 3 seconds to convince. Beyond that the visitor will leave the page and go to the competition…


1 – Think first of all about your typical prospect

Your entire site must be oriented to convince your prospects. And you won’t be able to do this if you only talk about yourself…

The needs of your users and not present your company).

Without knowing what your visitors really want. It will be very difficult to present a website that meets their expectations.

The more you know the needs of your visitors. The more you can offer them hyper-targeted offers or content.

The objective is to specialize in 1 type of need to differentiate itself from its competitors.

If you present your services or your products like ordinary people. How do you expect people to appeal to you and not to one of your competitors?

You must have 1 typical customer, and do everything to seduce him… “By dint of chasing all the hares, you won’t bring any back”.


How to verify and validate the needs. And expectations of your prospects and customers?

The easiest way is to ask them!

Do you have a contact list in your autoresponder?

Do you regularly meet prospects related to your offers?

You only have to create a questionnaire to know their needs.

This is the best thing to do to know precisely. The needs of your prospects in order to target your offer.

Here are the types of questions you can ask:
• What are the main difficulties you encounter with (your theme)? What is stopping you from achieving. Your goals? How do you feel about this?

This list of questions is not exhaustive.

The goal is to ask as many questions as possible. To your prospects to find out their needs.

If you don’t have any of this (no contact list in your autoresponder or you don’t meet your prospects). Then the solution is to carry out research related to your theme on the web. (In Forums and Groups Facebook, with your competitors, with your salespeople, etc.).

2 – Enhance your offer

Your site must clearly communicate its offer. And differentiate itself from your competitors.

You can for example:

• Highlight your logo and your slogan which summarizes the positioning of your site.



For example on ConseilsMarketing.com. It is clearly indicated that it is “L’Expert du Marketing B2B”.

• Clearly present your service or product offerings.

On my site, I indicate that I do websites, SEO (and in key terms, ie “natural referencing. And not SEO which is a technical term) and digital strategy.

In addition to the function (eg: creation of websites). I indicate the benefits of the client (eg: creation from A to Z, a professional design, etc.).

• Put calls to action (call to action) in the form of a button or other to encourage visitors. To your site to engage

Because it’s not enough to present what you do, the person has to act.

Warning: Do not make false promises. In other words, don’t tell your site visitors something you won’t do. The main objective is to put the visitor in confidence.


Does your website inspire action?

It’s not enough to have a site that meets the expectations of your prospects… In fact, does your site encourage action?

This is the famous “call to action”.

It is crucial to highlight them on your website. To convert as many prospects as possible into customers.

For example, when you have a website where you do not sell directly. It is important that your visitors can contact you easily.

However, the “call to action” should not be placed just anywhere.

There are strategic places that will increase your conversion rate.

Here are some places:

  • Featured on the homepage

My e-mail address, my physical address.

It reassures a prospect to know that there is a “real” person. To whom they can ask questions and be reassured.

By leaving your contact details, you will increase your credibility with your visitors. Who will be able to contact you if necessary.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects: How can you trust a website if you are unknown or unreachable?

The main thing is to give your visitors the possibility to contact you easily.

  • At the top right (on the sidebar of your blog for example)

It is essential to respond to all messages sent to you. If you want to increase the conversion of your website.

Are you responsive to messages from your visitors?
Why ?
To show that you are available and ready to help. Your site visitors who may be interested in your services or offers.


It is advisable to set up a chat to answer questions more quickly.

Here is an example of a call to action in the sidebar on the. ConseilsMarketing.com blog, with a live chat that opens automatically.

Alternatively, why not set up a Messenger chatbot? A Chatbot. Will allow you to start a discussion with a visitor and keep their contact details (see this article on Messenger Chatbots ).

You have an example on this presentation page of Frédéric’s Landing Page training :


  • If you have a blog, you can place your call to action. At the beginning of a post, in the middle or at the end

For this, many plugins. (Thrive Theme, Sumo.me, etc.) allow you to add different types of calls to action:

Note: it is best to test several places by doing A/B testing in order to measure your conversion. Rates and know the best places that convert the most. Here is an example with -38% between two different forms!



  • Add an FAQ section to answer common questions and reduce uncertainty

If you receive too many messages that go in the same direction (ex: means of payment ..).

Believe me, this can save you a lot of time and reassure your prospects.
Here is a sample FAQ:

  • Reassure with testimonials, opinions, notes…

By playing on social proof, you can improve the conversion of your site.

You can add to your website:

    • customer testimonials (anonymous, with first names, text, video, logos, etc.),
    • reviews from verified review sites,
    • the logos of your partners or quality labels,
    • the number of your customers
    • followers on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel.

There are many testimonials on his training on Growth Hacking and his book.



The most important thing is to show that your offer is credible. Like with this voting system at the end of this article:

Have you worked on website inspire action the

Have you thought about optimizing your site for a good SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) or natural referencing remains one.  Of the best long-term means of having permanent and more qualified traffic.

Your conversion rate will necessarily be less good.

Optimizing your site’s SEO will not happen overnight.

This is long-term work that can be effective if done well. Most of the traffic comes from the Google search engine. (More than half of the traffic).

This is why it is essential to work on this aspect. By training or by calling on a professional.

This represents a more than essential investment.

“If you want to hide a corpse, put it on page 2 of Google results. No one will ever find it. (Source: book “Successful web referencing: SEO strategies and techniques”)
A sentence that has the merit of being crystal clear… you must be on the 1st page, or your efforts will be useless…

This optimization for natural referencing. Is worked well before the launch of the site.

In order to do an audit. Just use software like SEMrush ( free trial on this link )

Here is a short video that explains how to do it:


To work on your SEO, I strongly advise you to have a blog to produce optimized content quickly. While respecting the SEO criteria to try to be in the first search results.


Conclusion: the keys to improving the conversion of your website!

We have seen in this article three essential factors. To put in place to improve the conversion of your website.

The first is to always think about optimizing your site to convert visitors. Into customers via a clear and customer-oriented offer.

The second factor is to create. Maximum interactivity and to be easily reachable. The goal is to increase your credibility and show that you are available.

The third is to attract the right prospects via natural referencing.

What about you and your website?

Have you thought about applying the 3 factors seen in the article?

If you have not yet created a website.

And if you want to know more. You can contact me via my website wpcreationweb.com

I help you with the creation of websites. And the implementation of a digital strategyTheir business online and sell their offers.

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