How to do affiliate marketing in India in 2023


What is affiliate marketing?

First, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is very simple. The process of recommending your company’s products and your company’s purchases to others. You pay commissions based on all sales for your referrals. For example, you are promoting an online laptop brand like Lenovo. Place product links on social media so that your followers can click on them. When you purchase a laptop after clicking on the link, you receive a commission from Lenovo. Simple! Interested in learning about digital marketing? Register for this course!

How does it work?

Think of yourself as an online version of an independent salesperson. You are not a direct employee of the company, but you still help sell products. I also explained the process in the words below. Basically, the seller owns the product. There are many common mistakes beginner YouTubers make, and it is impossible to fix everything in a short time. So all you have to do is go through them one by one and start with the most important ones.

Affiliate networks connect you and sellers. There are many affiliate networks in India that help with affiliate marketing activities. When a user clicks on a link (eg an ad) and purchases a product, both affiliates, merchants, affiliates and networks generate revenue. This is a rich and profitable ecosystem. Affiliates usually take 10-15% commission. After gaining popularity online, this number could rise further. Next, let’s take a closer look at the three players in India’s affiliate marketing ecosystem. Understanding is important to success as an affiliate.



And the seller is the product owner. It could be an independent seller or a big brand like Xiaomi, Apple or Lenovo. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart can also be sellers.If you sell your own products, you are a merchant too! In the affiliate ecosystem, sellers pay you to drive customers to your website. Amazon, Flipkart, and Boat Headphones are all sellers. Take a look at our full guide to Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India.

India Sportskeeda Affiliate Marketing Program

Screenshots of Sportskeeda Affiliate Program
The image above is our sports key. Sportskeeda publishes content about sports and sports news. As an affiliate, you can earn money by driving traffic to Sportskeeda articles by sharing links to those articles on your social media accounts.

Publisher (or affiliate)

Affiliate marketers are also known as publishers. They are individuals who earn commissions for referrals through affiliate links You will be a publisher (or affiliate). By promoting and selling your product, you can increase your product’s MRP by up to 80%, depending on the product and seller. Affiliates do not have to invest large sums of money on websites or other resources . Most affiliates work from home or work as a secondary source of income. And that is at the discretion of the ad mod affiliate. Blog posts, videos, and social media are among the familiar places where publishers seek to influence customers when they purchase a product through a link.

To be fully successful, affiliates promote matching products on blogs and social media . For example, if you own a fashion blog, it doesn’t make sense to advertise your laptop. The interests of your audience must match the product you are promoting. John Chow, Rae Hoffman and Mark Ling are best known global affiliates. The Indian affiliate space is still growing. chance for you. Now the question is, how can they start their pursuit as affiliate marketers? Of course, affiliates can link their PPC or CPC campaigns on their own website, but an easier way is through an affiliate network.

affiliate network

Affiliate networks are intermediaries between sellers and publishers. Some sellers run their own affiliate programs, while others use affiliate networks to bridge the gap between sellers and publishers. The image below shows some popular affiliate networks. Popular and successful affiliate programs like clickbank, amazon, flipkart, ebay, google List of Popular Affiliate Programs OnlineAffiliate networks are actually more than just intermediaries. It benefits both traders as well as traders. The Merchant Network has an extensive publisher database of ad tracking technology provided by the Merchant Network. Tools such as link tracking and payment processing are provided to publishers.

In this way, it serves as a great platform for mutual benefit. Some of the ways that affiliate networks can help affiliates make money are Cost Per Some examples of affiliate networks are: Click Booth , Click Dealer’s Makeup Demonstration, and a Lovely v Commission from Korea . We recommend joining a well-established affiliate network in terms of products to advertise as it will give your affiliates more trust. It has been in use for the last 17 years, making it one of the most trusted platforms. Read India’s Affiliate Network Analysis.



Now, everyone is a customer! You and I are customers. A customer is an individual who sees a product, analyzes it, and then makes a purchase decision. Affiliates want to market their products to customers through multiple channels through social media, YouTube videos, or search engines that use content marketing on their blogs. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, a tracking system works in the background. . Customers can follow the purchase process as usual, and affiliates earn commissions. Customers are more likely to click on an affiliate link if the content matches the product .

As mentioned in the previous example, anyone interested in tech products follows tech blogs. So, if Lenovo uses tech bloggers as affiliates, customers will be more specific, relevant, and sales opportunities will increase, and affiliates will receive commissions.

How do I start?

There are 3 simple steps to get started.

Stage 1:
The first thing you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program. If you are a beginner, we suggest a program with a vast consumer base. Flipkart Affiliate, Amazon Associates, vCommission, Optimize, BIGROCK Affiliate and BGM India are some of the leading affiliate programs in India.

Read Cycle Amazon’s 23 Smart Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

Step 2:
Signing up will provide you with information related to a specific product that has an affiliate link specified in your username (we’ll take a closer look at affiliate links in another article).

Step 3:
Almost done. You can now digitally promote your products through various

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