How to Increase Website Traffic ways


Traffic on websites is very important to get the most money and for business too.if you have traffic on your site then more people see your posted content and you will get more money and your business grows rapidly. If you have no traffic on your site then you will not get the commission and your business will become a flop. There are many ways on the internet about increasing traffic on your site. Some of them are correct and some of them are wrong and after following the wrong way you will only ruin your time and will not get its benefits. Here in this article we will tell you about some easy and popular ways to attract traffic to your site.

promote your website on social media

Sharing your content on social media Is an excellent way to promote your site.. You will get more shares and will manage to get more traffic on your site. But to get the best results you need to have a social media platform strategy in place.

You can promote your site on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and print sets and this way you will have a big chance that more people will come to your site and you will earn a lot of money.This is an easy way to promote your site and get more traffic on it.

To follow your site and to promote your site you can also use the strategy of influencer and affiliate marketing to promote your blog too. You can make the group and pages yourself or you can hire an influencer to promote your site.

Comments on other websites

This is also an easy way to promote your site and get the most traffic on your blog. You can also leave some comments on your niche sites. Blog owners and other regular visitors and people who like to comment will see your name and blog and there is an option that they might follow you and your blog and will start reading your content.

After you meet some new people and new channels you will start building a long lasting relationship with them and you can ask them to promote your site too and they will definitely help you in this and by this way you will get more traffic on your site.

Choose the right social media platform

You have an option to promote your blog on different social media platforms and not surprisingly Facebook is a great idea because it Is now being used in every part of the world.

That is said that you should choose a social media platform that is relevant to your audience rather to spend time on every social media platform

* Instagram has 67% and snapchat has 62% among the young people in the age of 18 to 30. Facebook is popular among all the ads ges

*Other research shows that 45% women are on printer sets and 15 th% of the men are there. Number of women is 3 times more than men.

Get the strong backlinks

It is also one of the very easy and popular way to promote your site.when you have strong relations with other blogger then you can request them to give you strong backlinks and in reward you can also give them the backlinks in return and second way is that you can also get the paid backlinks.but this is a bad habit and you should avoid it and you should not get it and you should try to get free this the benefit is that you get a chance of more traffic on your site and by this you will earn a good amount of money.when you will get more backlinks then google will also increase the ranking of your site.

Pick the best time to post

You should pick the best time to post on social media platforms. Every social media platform has one peak time when more people use it and see your post. This strategy varies with the age of people who use that can do it yourself if you have a good fan following or second way is that if you have a budget then you can hire an influencer on social media. He will promote your site and will get his is an easy way to promote your site.

LinkedIn is a platform where most people post about their products and businesses. It has peak time in business hours. Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media can see it In peak time when people are in bed in the early morning or when people come in at night after working hours.


You can promote your blog at any time and anywhere you want. This is an ongoing process and it never ends.because everyone wants more and following the upper instructions you can start promoting your blog from day one if you have no budget, it doesn’t matter. If you have a budget then you can hire an employee for affiliate marketing. If you do not follow the upper given instructions then you will not be able to attract eyeballs for your blog until you do not promote your can get more traffic on your site by following the given methods and you can earn a good amount of money by this.


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