How To Write SEO Friendly Article in 2023

Hey Guys, are you in search of How To Write SEO Friendly Article in 2023 then you reached at right place. Whenever a guy wants to start blabbering on like this, he gets very anxious about article writing. It requires a lot of hard work, but you don’t have to work so hard about it.

Something must be experienced that will make it easier for you to write an article. The only difficulty is that you have to learn what an SEO-friendly article is and why we have to write such an article and why. What is the benefit of this article to your website today we are going to discuss all the things in this article and tell you what is SEO friendly article, and what are the requirements inside it? They will tell you everything.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article in 2023

How To Write SEO Friendly Article
How To Write SEO Friendly Article

Your article should start with the title and your article should be a complete article. Your title should be something that should look beautiful within Google and should not be too long or too short. It should be at least 40 words long.

Yes, it looks very beautiful. Then there is the matter of back heading, which is the first hiding. Try to write in it that your first hiding should start with an introduction. So that the user who is reading your article. Let him know that this is about the article. And whether the thing he is searching for is in it or not. Didn’t even come. That’s why the beginning of the article was introduced.

Add Headings

How To Write SEO Friendly Article
After giving the first hiding after the title of the article, whatever topic you have, you have to search in Google. And if you want to open five to six articles, how many hidings have you gotten from there? If you want to get rid of the hiding, they don’t have to be like that.
They help a lot in ranking. As they are bold in your article, then Google’s robots check your article. Must use in your article. You do not have to search the entire keyword in it. So you can search for a word of it, then it can be very useful for your article. This makes your article rank very fast in Google. When Google thinks that this article is hiding. I am and on which keywords. So they will rank your article very quickly.

Write Paragraph

When your heading is complete, then what should be the paragraph you have. What should be the design of the paragraph, and what is the procedure? One is the paragraph that contains all the information about Google. Inside, the user searches for you. He goes to your website to see. How important that paragraph, maybe. For your article, your paragraph should be such that your user can easily read it. It should be difficult to read.
The paragraph should be easy to understand, and it should be one hundred to one hundred and twenty-word paragraphs that is easy to read. And it looks as beautiful as yours. The shorter the paragraph settings, the happier your user can read them. And the shorter the paragraphs of the article, the more Google likes them. Help is available. And it is certain that Google will like your article. There should be paragraphs that make it easy for Google to read your article.

Add Pictures

When the headings and paragraphs of your article are complete, then start adding pictures. And try to make your own pictures according to your article. If you download from somewhere, then change its name and apply it. When you start editing the picture, it must have its title and ALT. And you can use your keyword inside it.
It makes your article look even better and try to put pictures of the same size inside an article which will make your article look even more beautiful. This. And try that the pictures you are putting in your article should be according to your article. If you are writing an article on health then the picture should also be according to the heading and the picture you are adding should be according to the heading. Should be down

ON-page SEO

Now let’s talk about what our next step is. On-page SEO is a friendly type. In order to write such a friendly article, you have to do in-page SEO. What is an in-page SEO? You also put headings, made short paragraphs and then added pictures. So after that it works.
Linking is whatever article you have written in your website. You have to put the link inside the article you are writing. This is what you do. The links are also indexed in Google. This allows the user to read your other articles by clicking on these links. This will further increase the traffic to your website.

Final Words

Here are some tips to help you get started: We believe you can write a friendly SEO article. Because now there is a lot of competition over Google. It is very difficult to rank a website. So you need a lot of hard work.
Whenever we do a keyword search, there are as many keywords as there are. If you already have a lot of articles on them, then you have to cross the first already articles within Google. Only then your website is ranked within Google, so the competition is very high.

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