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Install a WordPress live The interest is to offer a live chat to answer live, but also to receive messages when you are not available (email of people…).

Here is an example of an off-line message sent by SendinBlue:

A few simple tips for setting up a WordPress live chat

Here are some tips and tricks for offering a quality WordPress Live Chat:

By putting your first name, you will create a relationship and not be a robot or a chatbot or a stranger. It is essential for digital interactions to show that you are a real person and not a robot.


  • Use an indicator (… or text) to show that you are typing something

the customer will see in real time that you areng, w typing somethi Thus, hich gives him time to wait for your response. This prevents him from wondering if you have read his request and are responding to it.


  • Use emojis sensibly.

The emoji does not initially seem very practical in professional conversation, yet it is a very effective way to highlight the human side, especially for chat.

It is easier to convey emotions, messages… via emojis than by text (ex: thank you, you are welcome, great…)

this makes it possible to be understood more quickly and to put in a little non-verbal communication since it is a way of demonstrating emotions.

However, you have to know how to apply it properly, and not abuse it too much (otherwise it’s not serious enough).



  • Use offline message outside working hours 

Setting up an after-hours message lets customers know that no agent is available to answer them directly, but at the same time gives them the option to leave you a message for a quick response.

It is essential to specify in the message when (eg response within 24 hours…) a response will be sent by email.

Customers can share their expectations so that their request is processed as soon as possible.


  • Use automatic replies

Identify the most frequently asked questions and set up predefined answers to respond as quickly as possible to customer requests via keyboard shortcuts (eg CRTL + FAQ a link to the FAQ).

Automated responses are useful to save time and to ensure the authenticity of the response provided.

Be careful, however, not to abuse it too much (eg copying and pasting a large block of text immediately after the person’s question), otherwise they will not feel listened to, and they will have the impression that you are answering like a robot.

Always let the customer think that your message has been understood, and that you are providing the right response.


  • Send satisfaction surveys after the chat

Install a WordPress live
Install a WordPress live

After finishing the chat, make sure customers are happy by sending a satisfaction questionnaire. This questionnaire can be done via simple icons 👍 or 👎 and then follow up with a request for information or a reminder by an advisor.

With a customer satisfaction survey, you can collect information that can help you improve the service (eg: adviser to coach, lack of product knowledge, processes that are not suitable, etc.).


  • Respond within seconds of receiving the request.

Do not make the customer wait if he decides to use your cat… she expects an answer within a minute… after 3 minutes they will say “hey is there someone ???” and a few minutes later, he will leave disappointed…

Make sure to respond to customer requests as soon as they receive their message, even with a message that says the next agent is available in 2 minutes or that an agent usually responds in less than 2 minutes.

Indeed, if a customer chooses to contact the chat service, it is because he needs to receive a response quickly.

A common mistake is to forget to disconnect from the chat at lunch break, coffee break… and come back later when you see the messages piling up…


  • Email a transcript of the conversation

Keep track of the exchanges with the customer by offering to receive a copy of the conversation by email. This conversation can be accessed by you and by the customer at the same time in order to keep the history of your exchanges.

This also allows you to see what has already been done with the client and to provide a relevant response during a new exchange.

It is advisable to archive the information in your CRM, or in your multi-channel contact center solution (see these specifications ).


  • Use agent photos

To be more credible and humanize the exchanges, it is advisable to put a recent photo of the agents during the chat sessions and to let them introduce themselves with their first names.

You should therefore not use generic avatars, cartoon characters, etc., because this does not reassure the customer.


  • Use triggers on your website to start chats based on the pages visited

A chat must be launched proactively… you should not wait for the person to have the idea to click on the button.

Be proactive, for example if a customer stays for more than 30 seconds on a sales page, it means that the customer is interested in your offer, and perhaps that information would decide him to order.

However, if you have a large volume of traffic, you can reserve the chat for certain pages (sales page, order page, etc.) in order to help you at the right time.


  • Do not be intrusive and do not disrupt navigation

Install a WordPress live
Install a WordPress live

Put chat buttons of suitable size on the site (ex: do not take the whole size of the window)… and use a discreet sound (with if possible the possibility of deactivating the sound).

Also avoid too many pop-ups (chat, notification by the browser, pop-up for a white paper, exit pop-up…): do not confuse the customer with several buttons which are launched as soon as the customer arrives on the site, it is unpleasant and even pushes them to leave the site.


  • Keep the customer informed if you don’t have an answer

If you cannot give the answer during the chat, you must create a ticket in your CRM (see this file on CRM solutions ), the time to find information or solve a technical problem.

You must not forget the problem and you must regularly inform the customer that you are continuing to manage his problem.

Similarly, an acknowledgment of receipt will be useful to reassure and say that you have taken care of his request.


  • Give customers time to respond

Install a WordPress live
Install a WordPress live

Allow time for the customer to respond when you ask a question, and do not chain 4 or 5 messages, questions….

If the customer hasn’t responded within a minute, it’s possible that they either didn’t understand the question or are doing something else in the meantime.

Give him time to come back (3 or 4 minutes), and only after this time you can close the chat.


  • Avoid long stories

For customer service on chat, avoid writing long sentences, it will be difficult for the customer to understand (especially if they are on mobile).

It is necessary to make sentences, clear, short, concise and easy to understand.

You will thus be able to ensure that the client has understood the information transmitted and that you speak the same language (also avoid technical jargon).


  • Show that you are listening to the conversation

Use listening indicators to mark your presence and show that you are focused like an “I see”, an “ok” or “I understand” to signal that you are following the conversation.

However, it is not too relevant to use emojis too often…


  • Be responsive

Most of the time, a customer who has chosen to contact a live chat service needs an instant response. When the chat agent is not available, you must always leave an automatic message to notify the customer when he can reach the chat agent.

The objective of a customer service is to satisfy the customer, the response time then plays an important role in the general satisfaction of the users.


  • Set goals for each type of request

Rank each request: “in progress” for requests that are in process.“Pending” for requests awaiting customer response. And “resolved” for requests that have been resolved.

Then, set a goal for all requests to be resolved in such a way. As to satisfy the customer (eg: take a chat in less than 3 minutes. Respond to all requests within 24 hours, systematically send an acknowledgment of receipt, etc.) ..

So do a regular follow-up of requests “in progress” or “awaiting response. So that they land in the resolved category afterwards.

If necessary, launch a satisfaction survey to find out whether or not customers. Were satisfied with the service when a request was classified as “resolved” not immediately.


  • Measure first response time or FRT (First Response Time)

Install a WordPress live

The first response time is the time between receiving. A customer request and the first response sent by a chat operator. It should not exceed 60 seconds.

If the FRT is high, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction or even a decrease in sales.

You should never make the customer wait. Adapt the number of customer support according to the peak moments of customer traffic. Make every effort to ensure that all the information customers need is easily accessible to the chat operator.

However, at the same time. It is necessary to promote even more “FCR” (First Call Resolution). Ie requests resolved from the first message. This shows that you are able to answer a question in 1 time.


  • Adapt the opening hours of the chat according to the availability of your customers

In B2C, consumers make their purchases online mainly at lunchtime. In the evening and on weekends, ie when they are not at work.

It is therefore necessary to adapt the chat service according to the peak of daily or annual traffic. And, we must not neglect the weekend to assist customers and make more sales.

For example, you can go through an. “Off shore” customer service to process requests outside normal office hours.

Always align the availability of the chat service with the availability of customers.

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